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What is practice management? It is simply a matter of managing your career and managing your business over the lifespan of the professional practice you have decided upon. All too often, the efforts taken to establish and maintain a practice consist of putting out one fire after another and moving from one crisis to the next. In time, you may become an expert at crisis management, but you will be better served by avoiding crises rather than having to deal with them.

You may well spend the first third of your practice climbing out of the debt you incurred while getting an education and first establishing your practice. After that, it becomes a matter of settling into a particular lifestyle, which includes the way in which you choose to conduct business. Finally, and usually during the last ten years or so of your practice, you find yourself working to put enough money away so you can retire in comfort.

Where does Echelon Performance Group fit into all of this? Quite simply, we are here to assist you in succeeding in all phases of your practice. In particular, we want to help you shorten the time it takes you to get out of debt, show you how you can set aside extra time for your retirement planning, and help you conduct your practice in a way that makes it more profitable and less stressful.

Our practice management consulting program consists of a progression of carefully designed steps designed to assist you in becoming the professional you want to be. The first step is to create in your mind a clear vision of the path you want to follow. This is followed by determining and evaluating the preparations you need to be making to follow that path. Then, it becomes a matter of creating a success model, based on a compilation of the data and information you have learned.

Your success model gives you a clearer vision of what you need to do and enables you to plan, design, gather, and employ the tools you need to reach your goals. The final two steps are to put in place metrics that meaningfully measure your performance, thereby allowing you to take advantage of opportunities that enhance your performance. Our approach to practice management can be summed up as: Begin, Evaluate, Compile, Outline, Measure, and Enhance—in other words, BECOME.

If you have a practice in Las Vegas, NV or are in the process of establishing one, let Echelon Performance Group give you a helping hand. You can reach us at any time for further information on how we can be of service.

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